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Park 100 Foods, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1976. Starting in a 7000-square-foot, Indianapolis-based manufacturing facility, the company began its life processing portioned breaded meats. Due to the hard work, dedication and loyalty of Park 100 Foods' Chief Executive Officer, Jim Washburn, and our President, Gary Meade, as well as other dedicated associates, the customer base was expanded and new products were developed. In 1986, a new business strategy was implemented, and the company expanded its processing competencies to include USDA kettle processed soups and sauces. In the next decade, Park 100 would grow further into having three Midwest-based facilities with over 250,000 square feet of process space.

Today, Park 100 is a manufacturer of custom, frozen soups, sauces, chili, side dishes, gravies, fruit toppings, dips, entrees, custards and pie filling. Typically, we run a minimum batch size of 2,500 pounds. The products, whether fresh or frozen are all custom formulated. The packaging is typically a "boil in the bag" concept and ranges from one pound to eight pounds with the ability to go to single-serve applications as well.

The corporate offices are in Tipton, Indiana. This complex contains the Product Development Center and a USDA/HACCP/SQF kettle cooking operation. The Tipton facility is operated by a staff of 150 people and specializes in producing long continuous production runs.

The Morristown, Indiana plant is equipped to do long, continuous production runs in a USDA/HACCP/SQF environment.

The Kokomo, Indiana plant is also equipped to do long, continuous production runs in a USDA/HACCP/SQF environment. In addition, however, this facility is able in culture and equipment competencies, to batch process short runs efficiently. Most first runs originate at the Kokomo plant. Other special features of this facility are that it can, two-part fill and quick-freeze.

Michigan is the home of our fruit processing plant. We produce high-end apple, peach and cherry sides and fillings.

Park 100 Foods is a custom manufacturer that is culinary based and culinary driven. The R&D department is staffed with eight nationally recognized culinologists and one food scientist. Together they have a combined total of 80 years of food service experience and 100 years of processing experience.

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