Core Brand Values

Food-First Culture

We thoughtfully source high-integrity ingredients and passionately craft every spoonful.


We believe in honest relationships, honest ingredients, and honest cooking. Promises made are promises delivered.


Long-term relationships, built on honesty, transparency, and collaboration, are of the utmost importance to us.


Traditional kettle cooking, packaging, ingredient sourcing, and product development methods are continually enhanced with science and technology.


We facilitate a culture of learning and continuous improvement to proactively find better ways to serve.

Our Culture

Working at Park 100 Foods is about crafting great food, but it also means being part of helpful things happening in the community and surrounding areas.

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Who We Are

Park 100 Foods is a custom kettle manufacturer of custom frozen soups, sauces, chili, side dishes, gravies, fruit toppings, dips, entrees, custards, and pie fillings.

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Our Chefs

Our industry-leading product development team has a combined total of 80 years of food service experience and 100 years of processing experience.

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Room to Grow

Do you want full-time employment at the No. 1 custom kettle-cooked food manufacturer in the nation? Park 100 Foods is hiring!

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