Founded in 1976 by Chief Executive Officer, Jim Washburn, and our President, Gary Meade, in a 7,000-square-foot Indianapolis-based manufacturing facility, Park 100 Foods began its life processing portioned breaded meats.


In 1986, a new business strategy was implemented and the company expanded its processing competencies to include USDA kettle-processed soups and sauces.


Over this decade, Park 100 Foods would grow even further, operating three Midwest-based facilities with over 250,000 square feet of process space.


Where We Are Today

We offer all employees a 401(k) plan with generous, 100%-vested employer match from the first day of participation (eligible after 6 months, age 21), paid vacation, a free and confidential Employee Assistant Program, access to a corporate chaplain, and weekly pay with your choice of direct deposit or debit card. A performance-sharing plan is also offered for all hourly employees.

What We Do


Our Difference

Our Research & Development Team will research your equipment package and customer base as part of our in-depth development process.

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Our Culture

Working at Park 100 Foods is about crafting great food, but it also means being part of helpful things happening in the community and surrounding areas.

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Focused Facilities

If we do not take care of the customer, someone else will. We are Quality Control. We are flexible, creative, and responsive.

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Our Values

Our values tell us why we do what we do. We are guided by a culture of innovation with relationships built on trust.

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